Why do organisations need intelligence?

Achieving value through collaborative business

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming a critical business need in today’s environment. We all look for that perfect place to store and share reports with people in the organization. Microsoft offers great solution to make quick decisions after analyzing data on the dashboard with Performance Point services. Their Business Intelligence tools are fast becoming industry leaders.

Explore data
Business Intelligence in SharePoint provides comprehensive BI tools that integrates across Microsoft Office applications and other Microsoft technologies. Excel BI provides the capabilities to analyze and visually explore data of any size, and to integrate and show interactive solutions. PerformancePoint Services enables users to create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and data visualizations in the form of scorecards, reports, and filters. You can easily explore and analyse multiple site collections and their content from on single, clean interface.
Analyze and visualize
Business Intelligence combines, collates different sources of data and present users with business actionable reports. Reports are accompanied by visualizations that summarize the underlying data for easy analysis and trend identification. Users can visualize data using interactive processes in Microsoft Visio Services. Likewise, the BI Center have tools that contains links to information about different approaches to monitoring performance, such as using SharePoint Status Lists and Performance Point scorecards.
Unified structure
If you are looking for a perfect place to store, manage and share reports with people in your organization then considering SharePoint Business Intelligence Center is a perfect idea. Whether you’re an administrator, report author, or information consumer, a BI Center site can be a valuable resource. It’s not just a place to store files; it’s also a way to bring together information and processes using a variety of BI tools. The BI tools enable you to collaborate, discover and manage the information you need to drive the business forward.
Build relationship
Business Intelligence tools are known for their ability to draw data from multiple sources to build comprehensive reports. They are also able to consolidate several types of data points to deliver clear reports. BI was born to rationalise large volumes of data into reports that deliver insight, which then formed the basis of predictions of future conditions, allowing businesses to prepare in advance. The analytics side of BI involves external elements such as market / industry data and competitor performance to generate a comprehensive strategic report. BI, is therefore not centred around one specific part of the business and is focused on the business as a whole. BI tools put very important data together in one place which can help a business retain loyal customers, allowing for a bird’s eye view of all aspects of your business.
Actionable insights
A BI solution collates and analyses vast stores of operational and transactional data, organizing that information into understandable, consumable and actionable reports. It provides up-to-date efficient analytical information to take orderly fast business decision with fast, improved and efficient data accessibility. Therefore, with Business Intelligence users are empowered with right business insights enabling them to make informed decisions.

How can we help?

Maximize your data’s potential with active dashboard approach

For organizations to benefit from Business Intelligence, it’s important to have user friendly tools along with right implementation skills. Data comes in different ways from varied sources like databases, business applications, spreadsheets, websites and cover all the different department from sales, marketing, HR, finance. All this information can be pulled together and made available for analyzing and decision making, all at one place. So, whether you want to look at current year’s sales versus last year, or staff performance, we can put all the data at your fingertips.

Business Intelligence center
The Business Intelligence Centre gives you a central location to store items, such as reports and dashboards. We can create and configure a Business Intelligence Center for your organization and enable Excel Services and Performance Point Services, where you can store reports and dashboard content.
Warehouse of information
We can pull all your company’s data together in one central location to produce a single warehouse of information following well defined business rules. So, that you can leverage data that your organization already have - to convert knowledge into informed actions.
Achieve business goals and target
Delivering business intelligence to specific departments requires a careful analysis of which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the most critical to a job function. Using SharePoint BI tools, we can help with establishing a KPI hierarchy, and tracking progression towards the resultant objectives, which will ensure that everyone is pulling in the same/right direction. There will be a single ‘source of the truth’ for all reports and business critical information for managers and executives to make best decisions.
Smarter and efficient self service
From our trained and experienced consultants, the business users can understand how to use the BI tools that allow them to run reports and perform BI actions as needed at any time. We can help train users to create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag and drop ease. Thereby, guiding business users to answers without burdening IT.

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