Content managment is the key to success

Content Management can drive efficiency and empower your employees.

Content management system (CMS)  is one of the powerful functions of SharePoint. It is very unlikely that a single day has gone without managing document in one or the other way; be it searching or reading , filing, sharing or editing them. We all acknowledge the fact that they are an essential part of your working day. A good CMS can transform employee working practices with the ability to create and share work without the troubles associated with file shares. A well designed CMS allow users to publish, edit and search content in the most efficient way.

Structured content
Content can be stored in a central repository that helps people find, share and use the information. To make the content more structured, each component of the document be it a simple dateline to an embedded video can be tagged and managed as a separate element. These metadata can then be used to search the content irrespective of what it’s called or where it is stored.
Enhanced productivity
Document management can help employees become more efficient and organised. They will know exactly where to find the documents they need, teams can create different workspaces, coordinate calendars and receive notifications and updates through communication features including announcements and alerts. Also, separate parts of the document can be worked on in simultaneously by multiple users speeding up the completion and delivery process within the time frame.
Governance and compliance
Uniquely defined permissions give you a wealth of tools to control access to information at any level, from a single document up to the site itself. User permissions can be set up for each component ensuring only authorized users can carry out permitted operations.
Smart control
Accessing smart Business Intelligence tools to analyse data and return meaningful data to reveal inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement gives more control to the users on their processes. Using features like Granular security, file locking, full version control, and approval mechanisms enables effective management of documents.
Precision and organised
Every document can be made unique by providing document IDs as unique identifier for every asset in the content collection making search more precise and accurate. You can organize content without having to store them in different files and folders but at one central location for easy access and timely decision making.

How can we help?

How AptechUK can help creating best CMS solution for your business?

We are all bombarded with lots of information every day at work resulting in delayed or wrong decision making. Looking for accurate information or searching for the right document is what is most time-consuming task for employees in the organization.
We want to make it easy and simple for you to manage and share documents and collaborate easily with your colleagues using latest versions. Our solutions take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint with out-of-the-box features or bespoke customization optimized for your specific needs along with creating great search experiences for the users.

Forget content duplication
Our SharePoint experts wisely take the advantage of advanced features of Content Organizer. They can enable content to automatically route to the appropriate location with a set of routing rules and using drop – off library. This also helps you to monitor file sizes and duplicate submissions and altogether helps to remove the twin issues of content duplication and end user confusion as to where they should place their content.
Boost the value of your SharePoint investment
Sometimes organizations do not recognize when and how an add-on solution keep their business functioning at its best. With our expertise in creating CMS solutions that works best for your business, your organization can boost the value of your investment in SharePoint as a both rich collaboration portal and a centralized document repository, creating a better and a more comprehensive platform for managing, searching and tracking information that exist across the enterprise.
Metadata driven navigation
Our consultants can activate this feature on large scale lists and libraries and helps to ease the burden of slowly, and painstakingly searching through them. When activated, this feature grafts a navigation tree onto the left-hand side of the list, which is dynamically filtered according to what is selected. It is also possible to apply Key Filters, which work in combination with the navigation tree to refine the list of items that are visible. These filters provide a useful and practical alternative to trying to search through a specific list from the main search interface or via the search web parts. These facilities provide an “in-place” search facility that both visually and functionally appeal to end users.
Record management
AptechUK experts take advantage of SharePoint’s Record Management capabilities. Normally these are done in record centre but alternative that SharePoint provides is to allow in-place record management, which can be activated on any list or libraries within the platform. This allows certain documents like Blogs, Wikis, Web Pages to be declared as records and protected.
Collaborative work environment
Our consultants can enable the users of the organization to benefit from the file – sharing feature of SharePoint. Activating check-in/check-out functions, co-authoring a document, versioning history, custom metadata and custom views constructs collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and effort. This allows for rapid deployment of rapid full scale solution.
As our team of experts are have good knowledge of all the tools of Content and Collaboration Platform, they can therefore create approved master pages and page layouts that enable branding and navigation of the site to be specified once and reused by content authors. This maintains a consistent look throughout the website.

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