Why do organisations need e-forms?

Forms - an effortless way to automate business

Forms are the cornerstone of business applications, and plenty of options exist to create a form in SharePoint. They are the key to allowing users to feed information into SharePoint. Having well designed forms enables users to enter accurate data which benefits the system. The Default forms are available for any SharePoint list. Create a list and you have a corresponding form to add and modify items. Therefore, save money and time implementing any business solution on the most versatile platform that you already have – Your Microsoft SharePoint.

Simplify your business
When it comes to SharePoint, forms are available for any list a user creates. They let users modify and add items and are not quite as time-consuming because of the features like auto-fill. A visually attractive form makes working with database very pleasant. An effective form can make the process quick and simple, and can also help prevent incorrect data to be entered.
Total control
For those who are creative types and want total control of their process, SharePoint forms comes with tools that involve endless possibilities. Tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio are more than capable of making this process a bit easier as they allow users to create personalized forms from scratch and hence, you take back control.
Make your forms look elegant
Your organization can develop stunning looking professional forms using SharePoint’s theme library. You can customize every aspect of your form. SharePoint comes with a library of different icons, styles and graphics to give your forms the ultra - professional touch.
Quick and easy way out
The quickest and easiest way to create a form is to use the Data Views and Forms option in the ribbon of SharePoint Designer. When you create a form this way, you can choose from three types of forms: a new item form, an edit item form, or a display item form. You can create each type of form for several data sources, like SharePoint lists and libraries, XML files, and database connections..

How can we help?

Are we using “Smart” forms? How long and manually intensive are they?

Businesses need forms to collect data for everyday processes and creating them can be complicated. SharePoint offers a wide variety of different form options, but what suits your business needs is where we can help you. AptechUK can create customizable forms which are powerful and flexible that suits your business need to run day to day processes with ease. We can train users in creating their own bespoke forms without using any code and, also configure SharePoint high quality professional looking forms that is centrally located.
With the speed at which both your business and your workforce are changing, you can't afford not knowing where these processes and decisions are documented any longer. All you need to do is contact AptechUK and we are happy to help.

Advanced and dynamic
You can add SharePoint forms to your sites for both internal and external users. We can develop pre-populated SharePoint forms for posting new items to SharePoint Lists or for upgrading existing SharePoint List items. Subdivide a form into tabs with different permission levels according to who, when, and what updates the form and have a full control.
Make your forms rich
Our SharePoint consultants know how to work with SharePoint designer because of which they can create custom list for you. By taking an existing SharePoint list and use Designer to create a new .aspx page which renders and controls the form. There are files used by a list to create forms, one each to add, edit and view. With Designer, you can show or hide fields based on certain criteria, change the layout, use various types of data controls, add rich text and graphics.
Solutions for large and static forms
If your company uses large, complex forms that don’t need to change dynamically as the user completes them, then we know what your organization exactly require. Creating Structured Documents forms in Microsoft Word which could be configured to allow the users to enter data only into designated form fields with the rest of the document remaining locked down. This is a great solution for a large, static forms that need to be completed and saved to a SharePoint Document Library. These forms can be saved into SharePoint directly as a document and then could be routed through workflows or other validations.
Forms with little or no code
Our experts who also have knowledge in building complex forms that can access many data sources to add, edit and delete. They can create multiple views within a form and choose which one is displayed when the form is opened. Working with large text fields, calculations, business logic, and integrated workflows, our consultants can put their expertise to its best use to create useful forms for your organization. Your users can learn to create and build SharePoint Form with very little or literally no coding at all.
Custom development
We can build custom forms that can do just about anything in SharePoint without deploying a single line of code to the SharePoint servers. This can be accomplished using the new CSOM and REST APIs available in SharePoint 2013. Taking the time to build a solid foundation, along with support from powerful JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and JQuery, we can streamline the process of building custom forms, and maximize the code reusability to help lower implementation and maintenance costs. Custom development may be the best option when you have lot of complexity in your forms and when performance is important.

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