Why do organisations need Intranet?

Intranet offers employees a complete digital work-space.

Imagine all your people, conversations and documents at one central and instantly searchable location. The ease of collaboration, sharing of knowledge and building a solid team foundation can all happen with your organizations intranet built in SharePoint platform. Your company intranet could be so much more than just a news-feed.

Content Creation
An Intranet provides a major benefit of discussion forums which in turn helps with content creation. A simple discussion can go in many directions sometimes transforming into something new. These discussions turn into new content that can be useful in the future. This may end up with creation of new products and services.
Increased transparency
With more interactions, less moderation and no anonymous posts corporate intranets are inherently more transparent. This allows employees to have continuous access to company information, reports and documents that builds trust of the staff in the organization.
Knowledge share
The Communication Portal of an organization brings together a company’s knowledge assets and provides employees with clear and always up to date information. A central location where information is easily created, securely stored, retrieved and shared with appropriate intranet users and groups fulfilling business tasks and activities.
Streamline processes
Intranet build in Microsoft SharePoint in conjunction with Office 365 makes managing content, documents and workflows more streamlined by reducing multiple communication channels to a single platform.
Team foundation
With seamless integration amongst the members of the organization by allowing employees to exchange knowledge with features like Blogs, Wikis, News and suitable forum for discussions can build a great team for a solid foundation.

How can we help?

Intranet offers employees a complete digital work-space

Our fully qualified team at AptechUK can design a bespoke SharePoint intranet built to your changing business needs and tailored to your requirements. We can help you make better use of SharePoint taking advantage of rich base for intranet functionality. We are not just about technology, we understand the business and people aspects of running a good SharePoint intranet and will advise on how to make yours a success. Our consultants are experts at understanding the business needs of organizations and developing SharePoint based intranets which not only deliver against those needs but which look great as well while keeping the costs low and increase productivity.

One stop solution
It could often be a challenge for users to understand when and how to use the various products available with SharePoint and Office 365. User experience can also be impacted with varied levels of experience across the suite. AptechUK consultants exactly knows how to counter this by combining cloud based SharePoint and Office 365 products into single experience, helping employees engage more and provide a better understanding of the tool.
Well-structured and designed intranet
Working with our experienced consultants, you will quickly build a properly structured and well-designed intranet that is tailored around your business requirements. It will give you the architecture to begin migrating your documents and processes and we can also train your key staff to manage and maintain your intranet.
Get work done faster
It’s hard to keep track of posts and remember follow up actions on daily basis. Notifications, then can come as lifesaving. By centrally linking your Microsoft SharePoint intranet to your company user email, Office 365, the users can receive email notifications and alerts that update them on the activities associated with their posts. This ensures that none of the action gets overlooked and that everyone is on the same page.
Manage smarter
Utilizing our knowledge and skills you can organize your company’s documents, find conversations and files instantly with smart search, robust version control, permissions, indexing, tagging, workflows, applying filters, drag and drop documents from different locations. You can manage your data and documents with full control at your fingertips.
Employee retention
As it is very important to keep your customers happy likewise its vital to keep employees engaged and motivated. No one wants to buy products and services from a vendor that isn’t willing to provide support. And nobody wants to work for a company that doesn’t provide help to its people. AptechUK can help develop a communication portal that acts as an Intranet Help desk.

What we offer?

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