SharePoint 2016 - What's in it for me?

Adapt your business to the next era of SharePoint – SharePoint 2016

We are all excited about SharePoint 2016 and thinking what’s new in it and is it right for your business?
Since last week of August 2015, we were granted this opportunity to install SharePoint 2016 to see what the first preview is all about. So, what’s in store for us in new SharePoint 2016.

New hybrid possibilities
Microsoft has recognized the growing importance of the cloud by equipping SharePoint 2016 with the ability to handle hybrid environments, which mixed on-premises and cloud content. A new hybrid search function allows users to search for both on-premises content and content stored in the cloud at the same time. Documents stored in both locations appear just once in the search listings, making the process of finding the content you need much easier and simpler than it has been in previous versions of SharePoint.
Infrastructure and performance improvements
With more interactions, less moderation and no anonymous posts corporate intranets are inherently more transparent. This allows employees to have continuous access to company information, reports and documents that builds trust of the staff in the organization.
New Compliance center
The In-Place Policy Hold Center and the Compliance Center allow you to build your own policies and apply them against your environment. The new basic policies allow you to delete data in OneDrive for business sites after an x amount of years for example, not unlike Retention Policies. Therefore, not only can you leverage a lot of the compliance features in Office 365 with your On-Premises SharePoint 2016, new sites have been introduced to help you stay in control.

How can we help?

Empowering teamwork with increased performance

 SharePoint 2016 performs faster and better than previous versions. We all want to know and understand that the benefits of SharePoint 2016 are worth the investment of upgrading or not for the business. Our experts have knowledge and expertise that can clarify some of these doubts for you and can take you towards new collaboration experience with SharePoint 2016.

Migration involve more than a shift of content from one platform to another. You need to understand what type of environment you should deploy and which path to SharePoint 2016 is right for you. Our consultants can help you to understand and learn what you can do now to adapt your business to the next era of SharePoint.
Our SharePoint consultants understands how critical it can be for organizations to scale their business without sacrificing performance. Our experts know how to take advantage of SharePoint 2016 where the maximum file size, list threshold, and maximum number of items that can be indexed have all been increased allowing you to store and manage more data on your system. It can be great benefit for large and growing organizations.
Durable links
Most of us might be aware and have faced one of the most annoying challenges presented by previous versions of SharePoint, which is moving a document to a different location broke links that previously pointed correctly to that document. In the 2016 version, those links are automatically updated to point to a file’s new location, reducing the amount of time users waste in dealing with broken links and searching for the content they need. AptechUK experts have full knowledge of using this feature and can help your technical team to make most of it.

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