Do my staff need to know about SharePoint?

Why do your staff needs training?

Ability to find the content, usability and enhanced collaboration between employees to improve efficiency, productivity and engagement is what we aim for.

We help clients implement business driven technology solutions that integrates business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to respond better to new opportunities. SharePoint knowledge is invaluable if you want to enable your organisation to easily create and manage team and project sites. Help your employees to effectively adapt to changes in their workflow or migrating from other systems. Sometimes an excellent product alone is not enough, which is why we offer support on every step of the journey.
We provide bespoke training and you will find our cost considerably cheaper than other but we guarantee that your staff learn exactly what they need. The return of your training investment with us would be remarkable because our SharePoint Consultants portray the following capabilities.

We have a very talented team who hold not only technical knowledge but also understands your individual business needs and therefore deliver solutions that is most effective. Our consultants are all experienced and experts in their fields. They are used to working with the tools they are training on day-in and day-out. Our experts will take you through structured training answering your questions about how the systems are used in real- life and relate your business needs.
Our solutions can be tailored to your specific requirement. We provide you with expert advice and help on SharePoint solutions and implementations. We make it simple even for the new budding developers to understand clearly about the concepts of SharePoint. The solutions are as simple to understand and implement and most importantly maintainable.
We challenge ourselves regularly to ascertain the level of commitment we have reached in providing the solutions to every client and to each and every learner, developer and implementer. And our primary goal is sustaining long term relationship with you.
Quality assurance
We are always pushing to be at the forefront to provide you with best solutions using latest technology. We can assure you of the accuracy and quality of data, information, knowledge and skills on SharePoint.

How can we help?

Build effective business solution and optimize your organization’s SharePoint environment with AptechUK’s training courses

AptechUK offer training services to our customers to ensure they are confident using SharePoint and any solutions we have provided for them. Our SharePoint training is remote as well as onsite and is specific to each SharePoint solution that we create. Our Microsoft SharePoint Consultants are adequately equipped with knowledge and expertise to offer high-end SharePoint solutions to our clients. They are qualified to handle almost every kind of requirement. We offer training on all our core services – SharePoint, Office 365 and Business Intelligence. And depending upon varying needs of the clients, we have extended our expertise to provide following trainings:

End-user training
This training is for end users working in SharePoint environment. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries as well as basic page customization. With our training, you gain the skills to streamline productivity and effectively manage files and information within a SharePoint website.

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Administrator training
This training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to plan and administer a Microsoft SharePoint environment. The course will teach you how to deploy, administer and troubleshoot your SharePoint environment. We will also provide guidelines, best practices and considerations that help you optimize your SharePoint deployment.

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Advanced solution training for IT administrators
This course examines how to plan, configure and manage a Microsoft SharePoint Server environment. The course also examines how to optimize the Search experience and how to perform an upgrade or migration to SharePoint server.

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Customized trainings
AptechUK provides bespoke SharePoint training for users, power users and IT administrators. We work very closely with our clients to provide a solution that fits into their long term strategic requirements. Due to the very nature of the tailored training, we start by gathering information to find out what users’ needs are and what the wider business requirements are, so that we can provide training that deliver on your expectation.

What we offer?

We are proud of our work

We can customize each service to fit your business needs. Please feel free to learn more about the range of services we provide.

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