Why do organisations need to automate business processes?

Use real time workflow analytics for operational visibility and improve business results

Workflows are outline of a business process automation that contain forms for user interaction and logic to drive the steps in between. Workflows interact with end users directly, requesting approval or feedback and sending automatic email notifications. You can automate time consuming manual task and accelerate your operations and focus on what matters the most.

Accelerate operations
Business process automation helps you streamline manual and paper based tasks by utilizing digital forms. It will pull the content no matter what and where it is and route it to the right recipient in the most efficient way for them to use it. Including SharePoint workflow in your business environment can make your processes easy to improve, easy to monitor, easy to govern and above all easy to understand.
Eliminate manual errors
Automating routine tasks can eradicate minor mistakes produced by human error. Fewer mistakes means fewer problems to clean up which can save time and money. Also, you get elegant electronic forms that are always up to date.
Reduce chaos
Business processes that involve multiple stakeholders and document approvals often end up in a paper-chase, where item get lost in the process and frustration sets up in as you try to find where the document is. By effectively automating these processes, efficiency and quality within your organization can be transformed. SharePoint workflows are an ideal platform to automate your key business processes. SharePoint allows you to see the status of any in-progress processes and the history of completed tasks and receive the right approvals even if someone changes role and therefore reducing chaos.
Boost efficiency
Workflow and content automation can have a significant impact across business function, cutting the clutter, increasing the productivity. Digital Workflow systems help HR teams to increase efficiencies and remove risks in their recruiting and selection, employee onboarding, policies and procedures, performance review management and employee separation process.
Enforce compliance
Many businesses have certain regulations and laws that they need to comply with. Automated workflows are perfectly suited to this, as it means the relevant tasks will be completed on time to a high standard when they need to be. The repeatable and fault-free nature of workflow automation is perfectly suited to compliance.

Easily automate your business processes with our expertise

Transform your business and your team providing new capabilities and improving existing ones using SharePoint workflows

Our SharePoint experts can advise and create editable, reusable workflow templates that can save time with minimal configuration, quickly scale functions to meet requirements and maximize performance and maintain full control with centrally integrated workflow. AptechUK can help you build a Workflow process that automatically generates and updates data for you in just couple of clicks and transform your Workflows into rich useful business application. Your organization will then be able to streamline the cost and time required to coordinate common business processes such as project approvals or document reviews by managing and tracking the human tasks involved with these processes.

Empower staff
Employee working hours is the most valuable resource. We at Aptechuk understand the importance. We can create alerts in the workflow process for the employees that help your staff to stay on top of their duties. Automated Workflow processes relieves the employees from doing the repetitive tasks and focus their creativity in something more important.
Roles & Responsibilities
When creating an automated Workflow process for your organization, we can create an owner for each step of the process. Initiations, approvals, rejections, and input are all bound to the individual who performed the action. Therefore, utilizing automated Workflows will give you insight into who gets certain jobs done quickly and who struggles with keeping up with their workload. You can consider certain employee’s areas of strength or weakness and channel the distribution of work accordingly.
User Management
With building bespoke Workflow processes our experts can enable end users to quickly view their own Workflows and Workflow tasks. The administrators can generate custom reports for all workflows, complete with charts and summaries and focus on individual workflow activities.
Rish business application
Our consultants can create editable, reusable workflow templates so that you can easily deploy solutions across departments. Our experts can help quickly scale functions to meet requirements and maximize performance. You can then maintain full control with centrally integrated Workflow management. You get a greater insight in a single dashboard view.

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